Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ribbed For Your Pleasure: Awesome Opportunity!

Recently I was telling you that Cookie A. is coming to HCW to teach some classes. Well, guess what? The sock queen is HERE. Her classes start Thursday. Every single one of them EXCEPT FOR ONE is totally sold out. That is because Cookie A. is a total rock star in the world of knitting. She is a genius and self-admitted sock addict (<-- if you click that link, you'll even get a free pattern from Cookie A. over at KNITTY).

The one class that has room is the class on Thursday evening, July 23rd (which is tomorrow if you're reading this right as I post it, and TODAY if you're reading it on Thursday). It's called The Perfect Rib and for a mere fifteen bucks, you can learn some mighty amazing ribbing tricks. Not just your basic K2P2 but, as Suzanne explains it, Cookie A. can teach you about working ribs that are incorporated into patterns. You know, like setups for cables and such. So you do not-- I repeat DO NOT-- have to be a sock addict or even know how to knit socks to benefit from this class. Scarf lovers, sweater knitters-- all y'all will get something out of it.

Plus, besides the cool stuff you'll learn, you get that ongoing benefit of hanging out and being part of The Buzz. The class is from 7 til 8 pm. My hunch is that, what with me posting the news that this is the only Cookie A. class left with openings, it will sell out quick. So do yourself a favor, call the store: 707-7396 and hold yourself a slot.

I'll see ya there,

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