Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Welcome to the (Knit) Buzz

Hey Y’all,
Welcome to Hill Country Weavers’ brand spanking new blog. Now, in addition to all the rest of our super- awesomeness-- the fantastic store, the amazing classes, and the rocking KnitBuzz gatherings-- we'll be posting regular online updates about the knitting life.

I’m your host, Spike Gillespie (that's me in the picture, partaking in my favorite pastime: buying Noro, Noro, Noro!). Writing and knitting are on my Top Ten Passions of All Time list, and I have been known to do both just about anywhere—weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs, on airplanes, in the bathroom and on and on. I’ve got a lot of books out and I’ve knitted more projects than I can count. Which is why, when Suzanne asked if I'd like to write the HCW blog, I jumped at the chance to combine my love of everything yarn related and my love of words.

I’m planning to reveal my darkest knit blunders, my greatest knit triumphs, and my most embarrassing knit moments. I’m also going to tell you about the classes I take, introduce you to the teachers and staff, and let you know about new products. And our mascot Stella is going to occasionally get up from her naps to share her wisdom.

We really, really want to hear from y’all, too, so please post your comments, questions, and stories right here. Would love to know what you're working on, too.

So glad to have you,