Friday, July 31, 2009

The Kind of Cricket You WANT Looming in the Corner!

For those of you who missed it, our beloved Yarn Harlot, Stephanie P-Mc-P, had a scandalous affair back in May that she blogged about. Yes, it's true, one night, under the exertion and duress of peer pressure, she put her knitting down and traded it in for some weaving on a Cricket Loom. I know how it feels to cheat on knitting-- I took a basket weaving class once and I admit I kept thinking about my needles and yarn back at home.

But according to Stephanie, I won't be giving my knitting a second thought while I'm out playing Cricket. This is also what I hear from our fearless leader Suzanne, who has been teaching classes on the Cricket of late. The class, called Weaving for Knitters is offered regularly and also sells out regularly. So if you want to get in on one, you better call the store now and hold a spot. (Looks like September 12th might be a good bet but don't wait.)

So what is it about the Cricket that has all the knitters sneaking out behind the backs of their socks-in-progress? Suzanne says the secret-- actually secrets, plural-- are these: the loom is little and portable; you can set it up really fast-- like in an hour or less; you can use sock yarn to weave really rocking scarves like the ones pictured here (above and below); and this weaving, like the set up, is also super fast. So the brown/beige scarf in the picture? That took about three hours including loom set up.

I'm sold and will see if I can get a spot in the September class. I still don't think I'll ever wander too far or for too long away from my knitting (you should SEE the Manos de Uruguay I got today to make a sweater), but I am willing to tiptoe a few steps in another direction just for a teeny little taste of the weaver's life.

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indigo warrior said...

These looms are soooooo cool. Totally portable. About the size of a laptop. A great way to get your feet wet with weaving.