Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year from HCW!


Learn to Knit in 2011

Knit Purl Express classes for January
Don't have time for the full meal deal?
Sign up for an EXPRESS CLASS!
January 3 6:30- 8:30
January 20 6:30 - 8:30
January 30 3:00 - 5:00




Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Very Merry, Very Special Christmas Surprise from Us to You!

Hey Y'all,
MERRY CHRISTMAS!! We have a big exciting surprise for you! Last week we announced that you can now purchase SHELTER -- Brooklyn Tweed's amazing new yarn collection-- at our brand new online shop. If you missed the post awhile back about the SHELTER line from Brooklyn Tweed (aka Jared Flood), you can read all about it here. Hill Country Weavers is one of a handful of flagship stores around the country that has the honor of carrying SHELTER in-house, and offering it online was the next big step for us.

designed by Kathy Bateman
photo by Meg Rice (c 2010)
Well, guess what else? Suzanne was so excited and inspired by the unique quality of SHELTER, she invited a number of local designers to create patterns that put an Austin twist on the yarn. This posed an interesting challenge, since Austin has four seasons: summer, summer, summer and Christmas. The substantial woolliness of SHELTER and the Southwestern heat of our city don't have an obvious fit, but that just upped the ante on the challenge. What designers discovered is that SHELTER's color palette and earthy texture actually play quite nicely with the weird unreconstructed hippie/urban cowboy aesthetic that Austin is known for. We think it's fascinating how this yarn, which was developed in New Hampshire, with a very New England feel to it can still look quite natural when paired with neon, stucco and cowboy boots.

designed by Snowden Becker
photo by Meg Rice (c 2010)

Very soon we'll have a print version of the pattern collection available for you. But as our special gift this holiday season, Suzanne toiled tirelessly and ceaselessly to get the patterns online. That's right, you can buy them TODAY at our online shop! Here are some more gorgeous pictures of the projects, taken by Austin photographer Meg Rice.

designed by Kourtney Moon
photo by Meg Rice (c 2010)

designed by Emily Kausalik
photo by Meg Rice (c 2010)

designed by Kathy Bateman
photo by Meg Rice (c 2010)

designed by Suzanne Middlebrooks
photo by Meg Rice (c 2010)

designed by Suzanne Middlebrooks
photo by Meg Rice (c 2010)

designed by Elizabeth Green Musselman
photo by Meg Rice (c 2010)

designed by Elizabeth Cobbe
photo by Meg Rice (c 2010)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don't Worry, You Can Holiday Shop Right Up til Christmas Eve!


December 19 11-5

December 23 10-9

December 24 10-3

December 26 1-5


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Great News for Our Far Flung Friends! Shop Online at HCW

Big Fat Exciting News!! Hill Country Weavers now has an online store! It's true. Right now, we're offering just one exclusive brand: Shelter by Brooklyn Tweed. You might recall awhile back we posted a note telling the story of Brooklyn Tweed's new line. BT aka Jared Flood is one of our very favorite knitters, teachers, and human beings. If you were lucky enough to take a class with him last year, you know what a swell guy he is.

Jared put a lot of thought, time and effort into developing his born, bred, sheared and spun in the USA line of fibers and the colors are gorgeous. He's also a magnificent photographer so just looking at his stuff can keep you happy. (Note to Jared: please make us a screensaver so we can look at Shelter all day long.) Shelter is only available in a handful of shops around the country. We are lucky enough to be the designated Southwest dealer.

For those of you who don't live close enough to drive in every time the urge hits to get more Shelter, you can now buy it online at our shop. And you can also pick up Jared's super beautiful patterns, many of which are inspired by architecture. And heck, even if you do live close enough to drive over to the shop regularly, you'll still want to check out the online shop.

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Time for Second Sunday!


Join us for the last Second Sunday of 2010!
December 12
11:00- 1:00

It is SUCH a busy time of year. So much shopping, wrapping up both the gifts and all the many tasks on your overburdened To-Do List. Let's face it-- you might not get it all done. So why not get a jump on leaving those tasks unfinished. Come on down to HCW on Sunday and chill with your knitting buddies. Because nothing gets you in a better, cheerier state of mind than working those needles with your fellow fanatics. Bring some snacks to share and those projects you need to get finished.
See you soon!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa Baby... Holiday Gifts That Measure Up

[pictured above: lantern moon tape measure that's in sheep-shape! i have one of these and i love it!]

So I popped in the store on Sunday, right around closing time, to imagine a list I might make of holiday gifts I'd love to receive. I checked in with Kathy, Kennedy, and Emily, too. Then I made a mad dash through the rooms, snapping pictures of all sorts of goodies, from stocking stuffers to a very fancy bag (available in red or green) that would excite most knitters more than, say, receiving a diamond ring. (Let's face it, you can't keep your stash in a diamond ring-- they're terribly impractical.) Here are some ideas for you to give and receive, along with a few bonus pictures-- of my son showing off his new Alpaca fingerless gloves that I made for his birthday, and of a couple of items I found online. Now remember, it's always better to shop local and we all know HCW has the best supply of everything for knitters. But once in awhile I find something out there that I order online, just to round out my collection.

[kennedy says you need one of these bags in red and also green (see below)]

[glass buttons are an exquisite gift. i could just put these on my coffee table and look at them they're so pretty.]

[kathy wants a stocking full of super chunky from knit collage. can you blame her?]

[glass needles anybody? these are so darn pretty.]

[more glass-- do you see a theme here. there are all sorts of beautiful shawl pins made in many mediums.]

[a great stocking stuffer-- why settle for plastic cable needles when you can have these tactilely fabulous bamboo ones?]

[more stocking stuffers-- fancy stitch markers, already wrapped!]

[when i checked on sunday this was the very last yarn bowl in stock and we won't have more until january. would somebody please buy this for me?]

[my son wearing his alpaca fingerless gloves. i learned how to make these in one of deb's classes. gift certificates for classes are also an excellent present.]

[if you want to round out your knit-gifts this year with some t-shirts or posters that proclaim your passion, you can get t-shirts, mugs, etc. online at CafePress or how about a Keep Calm and Knit On poster from this etsy shop.]

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nice to Snow Ewe! (Holiday Classes!)

Knitters-- Flock on in for upcoming classes. Make your holiday gifts. Better yet, make gifts for yourself. Here's what we've got going on. Call the shop to sign up.


(second Friday of every month)

December 10

"Felting ornaments for the holidays is a fun and fast way to create one of a kind personalized decorations."
Bring styrofoam balls in whatever sizes you desire to felt around and pictures or sketches for ideas.
You may also want to include some scraps of yarn to create garlands.
Let's make December national wool month this year and celebrate it's versatility.
MATERIALS:styrofoam balls, scraps of yarn and fleece in holiday colors, felting needles and fleece, which can be purchased at HCW. 2 old towels, old nylon stockings.

Weaving for Knitters
December 9 6:00 - 9:00
Fee: 40.00

This is a perfect class for my fellow fiber fanatics! The loom we use is really portable and extremely easy to set up. You can use all kinds of knitting yarn from leftovers to all that sock yarn you haven't used yet. You will burn through your stash in not time. Weaving cloth is a magical thing and incredibly FAST!!!!
MATERIALS: Bring your Stash... or better yet, buy New Stash!
IMPORTANT: Student can bring their yarn in ahead of time to determine if it is suitable for this class
INSTRUCTOR: Suzanne Middlebrooks

Continental Knitting
December 11 10:00 - 1:00
Fee: 40.00
all levels welcome: Beginner to Seasoned!
Continental knitting AKA German style or pic knitting is a popular, fast, fun and very efficient way to knit!
Deb will teach you the continental way to knit, purl, and yarn over while creating a colorful market bag or these fun and fast washcloth/dishcloths.
Learn how to knit and purl by carrying the yarn in your left hand. Continental knitting is often used in color (fair isle knitting) and can help alleviate strain by using both hands to knit.
Patterns ranging in difficulty have been selected and revised to allow the new continental knitter to practice and hone their new skill. Students will receive copies of all patterns.
WASHCLOTH MATERIALS: Student will need 90-125 yards (per cloth) of any cotton or cotton blend yarn with a gauge from 4.5 - 5.5 stitches per inch. Needle size per yarn label.
1 skein Araucania Pomaire or comparable gauge cotton
2 skeins in 2 different colors of Cotton Classic that compliment/contrast variegated Pomaire,
US # 9 needles, 16" length (some like to switch to 24" as the bag gets larger)
4 Split ring stitch markers
Bring some wool or acrylic scrap yarn for practice and your knitting gear.

Let's Make Mittens
December 11, 2:00 - 5:00
Fee: 45.00

MITTENS are ADDICTIVE! Deb takes you through the basics of 'MITTEN KNITTIN' !!
Materials: 2 skeins bulky yarn with stitch gauge of 3 sts/inch, US 10.5 double point needles or recommended needle size on yarn label
bring scissors, split ring markers, and your regular knitting gear!
P.S. IMPORTANT!!! don't forget to wind your yarn before class so you don't miss anything!!

Baby Leggings
December 12 10:00- 12:00
Fee: 25.00

Do you know someone who is pregnant? Maybe you're hoping for some grandchildren in your life? Why wait to knit baby gifts? Start now with these adorable baby leggings! They're quick baby shower gifts and a perfect excuse to learn a new knitting technique.
In this class we will explore 3 ways to knit in the round for projects too small for a 16 inch circular needle. We will make these baby leggings using double pointed needles, magic loop method, and 2-circulars. Everybody has a favorite method, do you know yours yet?
We'll also cover how to stripe colors in the round without an obvious color change--also known as a "jogless jog".
PREEQUISITES: Students must know how to knit, purl, cast on, and bind off.
MATERIALS: Berroco Vintage or other worsted weight yarn. You'll need about 100 yards total – either all one color or two different colors of about 50 yards each.
Bring needles for the methods you want to learn:
* Double pointed needles method: size 7 double pointed needles
* Magic loop method: size 7 circular needle 40" or longer
* 2 circulars method: two size 7 circular needles (length is unimportant, when in doubt get 24" or 29" long needles)
INSTRUCTOR: Kathy Bateman
LEG MODEL : Athena Rose

Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Thursday Sale: Color My World!!

Happy Colordays!


Did you miss Black Friday?
Couldn't compute Cyber Monday?
Well, don't skip HCW's Fyber First Thursday Sale!
SAVE 20% off yarns of black or white*.
15% off books & bags...great holiday gifts!!
* not including already marked down merchandise.

december 2, 2010