Monday, July 20, 2009

Guerilla Knitting (It's a Gas, Gas, Gas Station)

So, when we talk about Knitting in Public, usually what we mean is sitting around, working our knit in a cafe or park or on the beach, right? But when some folks talk about Knitting in Public, they are talking about leaving cool knitting projects out in public places for others to discover. In the case of the above knitted gas station-- well, that's an example of really awesome Knitting in Public extremism. You can read about the project here.

Tree Cozies are also apparently popular ways to leave your yarn mark in public. For more information on that, click this link. But if you want to talk about really radical Knitting in Public here's my favorite example:

How about y'all? Ever knitted something you purposefully left out for others to see? Do tell.


Rosetung said...

these projects are amazing! thanks for showing. do you know the artist of the last one- the subway guy?

chiabear said...

There's a knit piece around a lamp post on cesar chavez east of I-35, or at least it was there the last time I drove by...

katty said...

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