Monday, July 13, 2009

On The Road: Spinning Both Kinds of Wheels

Awhile back I reported that Susan, who works in the shop, had purchased an RV that was the right size to accommodate her, her husband, their dogs, and her spinning wheel—in short, life’s essentials. She’s out on the road right now and I emailed her asking her for an update.

Susan sent back the best photos—would that we could all sit outside knitting in places like this everyday. Currently she’s in Portland, Oregon, one of my favorite places to knit. Soon she’s heading to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and Mt. Rushmore as she meanders over to St. Louis for a wedding.

Susan writes, on her virtual postcard:

I managed to find out about the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR on their last day open. Here I am by a fleece that I shared with some others --three bags full!!!

A newly designed knitted scarf which I'm also doing a crocheted version of.

The big red rock behind me is in Arches National Park, Utah.

I've finished several crafty projects so far, one of which is a submission to a contest run by Aslan Trends. (Keep your fingers crossed for me!) I finished a pair of socks, knitted a beaded scarf, transformed a poncho made out of alpaca into a lap blanket for my mother-in-law, started a summer cardigan made out of hempathy, spun up some luscious camel hair, and I'm currently working on another beaded necklace— knitting with beads is addictive!

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