Friday, October 22, 2010

Just In Time for the Holidays: Spike's T-Shirts

Hey Y'all,
Spike here. Suzanne has graciously agreed to carry my t-shirts at the shop. As you can see, they say TAKE ME BACK TO AUSTIN TEXAS (Right Now). They come in black with white text and white with black text, printed right here in Austin, TX by a local independent silk-screener who used 100% cotton, Made in the USA t-shirts.

I'd love for this to become Austin's new big slogan (with all due respect to Keep Austin Weird, I say it's time for a change). The story behind the slogan is this: When my son, who is about to turn 20, was a little guy, I'd take him on lots of trips. I'd march him all around until he was worn out. On one trip, to NYC-- I think he was about three-- he had about enough of my sightseeing plans and said to me, "Take me back to Austin, Texas RIGHT NOW!" It was a phrase he would repeat often enough, and I took it to mean, "I am so tired and I really want to be home, in my bedroom, playing with my toys." Sometimes, he'd even say it when we were in Austin, which really cracked me up.

I have since adopted the phrase myself and use it regularly. I've had the pleasure of traveling all over the world in the past ten months: France, Argentina, Mexico, Israel and-- closer to home but still outside the city limts-- Big Bend, Marfa, Galveston, and lots of little Texas towns. I love visiting other places for all sorts of reasons. One of them is so I can say, "Take me back to Austin, Texas RIGHT NOW."

These are funny to wear in town. They're also great gifts for students going to out-of-town colleges. Heck, if you ask me, I say they're great gifts for everyone. There's a really limited supply right now. I hope you'll swing by and grab one and be part of the early adopter crowd that helps this slogan take off.


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