Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Get Your Yarn Harvest Knit Kit-- Special for the Yarn Crawl

Hey Y'all,
Can you feel it? Can you? The BUZZ... yes, that's right, we're counting down the minutes til the Hill Country Yarn Crawl kicks off on Friday, October 8th and runs on through Monday, October 11th. I've already told you some of the great things to expect in an earlier post. And I told you about the bus schedule and the prizes you can win in another post. Can you believe there's still more good news? Well, there is.

Some of you might already know about Yarn Harvest, a great company born right here in Austin. In case you haven't heard, Yarn Harvest collects used wool sweaters, unravels them, washes them, weights them to straighten them, then re-skeins the yarn. Yep, that's right they're recycling perfectly good wool that otherwise might end up who knows where.

I met Greg, who heads up Yarn Harvest, awhile back and I've been keeping up with YH's news ever since. The company is just now launching two new exciting products and, guess what? You can get your hands on these new releases during the Yarn Crawl. Yarn Harvest will have a table set up at HCW featuring their new Knit Kits and their new harvested cashmere yarn.

I got samples of both last week. The Knit Kit is SO cute! You get a skein of yarn, a pair of Size 10 bamboo needles, and a tapestry needle. The packaging features patterns for three super easy, fast projects: headband, scarf, or smartphone sleeve-- take your pick. You'll also find fun yarn facts printed on the packaging, a link to online video help and-- SO CLEVER-- a built-in ruler. I knitted up a headband lickety-split and asked my son to model it (see picture below-- aren't they (headband, son, dog) great?) I teach a lot of folks to knit in any given year and until now I've sort of cobbled together a makeshift kit. Now I'm going to just have them pick up a Knit Kit-- it's ready to go and a mere twenty bucks for everything needed to start and finish a cool beginner project. Nice.

The cashmere yarn is a 75/25 cashmere/merino blend, spun by Sustainable Fibers in Elgin. So when you buy Yarn Harvest Cashmere, you're recycling and you're keeping it local. This stuff is super soft. I picked up a skein of blue and it's easy on the eyes, too. In case you miss Yarn Harvest at HCW, you can also find booths set up at ACL Fest and the HOPE Farmers Market, which happens Sundays on the East Side.

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