Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year of Knitting Resolutions

Hope y'all had a swell time ringing in the New Year. I was sound asleep by 7 on New Year's Eve, courtesy of jet lag, which is a very particular brand of kooky. In the three or four days it took me to readjust to Texas time, I was waking up at all sorts of odd hours, and alternating between huge energy bursts and sudden crashes. I took advantage of the former and whipped through the house like a human Shop Vac. Wound up purging around eight boxes of stuff that I toted to the thrift store. And, at least as importantly, I organized my stash.

Well, okay, "organized" might be too big of a word for it. But I did go through my basket and take stock of what I have. One thing I realized is that, with so many little odds and ends, it's high time for me to take a Cricket Loom class, which I hope to do soon. I also herded all of my knit books and magazines into two locations (couldn't fit them all into one), so they are no longer scattered about.

Next, I thought about my knit accomplishments (and gaffs) of 2009 and thought about goals for 2010. I guess for some folks setting knitting goals might feel the opposite of relaxing. But for me it's exciting to think about all of the possibilities. I'm really thrilled I took Fran's sweater workshop a full year ago, which led me to complete not one but two sweaters that were really complicated for me. I think, at long last, I might be approaching intermediate status, though I'm sure the new year will hold lots of humbling lessons for me.

As far as 2010 goes, I've got some UFO's I think I really will try to finish. I'm still trying to convince myself to try out a "mixed media" project-- by which I mean incorporate different types of yarn (weight, color, content) into one project. I lean toward monochromatic for sweaters, and often leave any color work to the magic of variegated yarn. Need to get over whatever fear or inside-the-box thinking that keeps prompting me to seek uniformity.

If you've been wanting to bump up your skill set, and if part of that includes learning how to make a sweater, Deb is teaching a workshop starting this Sunday, which, hint, hint, is MY BIRTHDAY! I'll actually be in California with Suzanne at The National NeedleArts Association Winter Trade Show so I won't be in Deb's class. But you really should check it out. And Deb's offering the option of knitting a kid's sweater, so for those of you who find the prospect of a sweater wildly daunting, knitting something smaller could be a good way around that. Here are the details for her class:

January 10/17 9:45 - 12:45
February 7/21 10:45 - 12:45
March 7 10:45 -12:45

Adult, Child, or Baby sizes
Fee: $90.00 plus materials
Instructor: Debbie Marvin

**NEW!!For those of you who may not have time to knit an adult size sweater, you can now choose to do a child or baby size!

From Cast On To Bind off, join Deb for this 5 session series! In this weekly workshop, Deb takes the knitter from yarn and pattern selection, through the sequence of sweater construction, to seaming and blocking a completed garment . The first half of each class is devoted to learning specific skills related to knitting your sweater. The second half is devoted to getting help with your project. Students choose their own pattern from a notebook of recommended pullover and cardigan patterns and work at their own pace throughout the 5 session course.

Prerequisites: students should know how to knit and purl, cast on and bind off, increase and / decrease, and should have completed 2 or 3 small projects.
Students should bring their needles and knitting gear to the first class

IMPORTANT purchase and wind at least one skein of yarn prior to start of class.



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