Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's New? Glad You Asked!

Well, I braved the Saturday crowds on SoCo yesterday, and went on down to my Happy Place, aka the shop (aka Hill Country Weavers-- wait, did I need to spell that out?). Boy was it hopping down there. Nonetheless, Lindsay managed to take me on a mini-tour of some of the new stuff, and boy is it delicious. Lots of great colors. Plenty of nice lightweight choices for Spring and Summer projects.

Wait, did I just say Spring and Summer? Okay, I did. Look, I know it feels like about six degrees out there. And, true confession, today I am definitely letting the temperature inspire me to use wool, wool, wool. But let us remember, this is Texas, people. Which means that, in about five minutes, we all know it's going to be about 130 degrees for at least ninety days running. So really, it's not too soon to start planning those projects for next season, so you can get them done in time to wear them before our two week (but still too cold) winter rolls around yet again.

So, what've we got? Well, at the top of this post, you're looking at some really lovely new Blue Sky multi-colored cotton. I felt drawn to this bright pink/orange combo. There's also some nice green and blue available, too. And here (to the left) we have a mighty fine line of Sublime Bamboo & Pearl (a nice 70/30 blend of bamboo/viscose). Next up (image below right) check out the sherbet-y sweetness of this new batch of 100% Egyptian cotton yarn from Katia:

And from Prism (images below) there's color galore-- in fact, there's lots of colors in every skein of both the 1/4" rayon ribbon and the Calypso line-- an 80/20 cotton/rayon blend. Both of these feel very, very good, and they knit up quick on big needles

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indigo warrior said...

I'm so glad you're highlighting the new yarn! It's like opening the new box of crayons!