Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brooklyn Tweed Hearts Us Back!

Hey Y'all,
On Christmas Eve, at the stroke of midnight going into Christmas Day, we announced that we now offer Brooklyn Tweed's exclusive (but affordable!) SHELTER yarn line in the brand new

Well today at his blog, Jared (whom we heart!) offered his ginormous readership a peek at the knit design book commissioned by Hill Country Weavers, full of amazing patterns created using SHELTER and designed by local Austin knitters and weavers.

Yep, you can order those patterns at the online shop, too or check out the Hill Country Weavers Patterns Page on Ravelry, where you can pick up some of the patterns and other super-groovy HCW designs, too.

Thanks for the shout out Jared!


Jan E said...

Way to go, HCW! You rock!

seed said...

I can't find a 'contact us' email on the Hill Country Weavers site.
I have been trying to purchase some pdf patterns, but the checkout won't let me progress beyond my shipping deatils.

Is there a conflict with instructions as I am in Australia, and why do I need to give shipping when I am buying in PDF Format ?