Monday, January 31, 2011

Because Life Isn't Always Black & White-- Sometimes It's Gray and Fuzzy

I spend a lot of time down at the shop, aka My Happy Place, getting excited about new offerings-- right now I'm having a great time test driving some Shelter-- and also taking comfort in good old "friends" like my beloved Noro.

I also like to survey the ladies who spend even more time than I do at HCW-- that hardworking gang that stocks the shelves, fields so many questions, and makes the place so wonderful. I'm always interested in what they're working with, too.

Kennedy told me that right now she's working with a yarn called Absolu -- which yes, sounds a bit like the famous vodka. It's from Anny Blatt and gets its natural color and softness from French Angora rabbits. The softness-- both color and feel-- are courtesy of the bunnies, and there is no dyeing involved.

Because the fiber is rare and the process is complex, the supply of Absolu is limited, each skein (25g/177 yards) is numbered and ensconced in its own little case. Kennedy says it knits up like you're working with air. Recommended needle size is US 3 -4.

The weather predictors have us due for another big cold snap tomorrow. You might want to go grab some of this limited supply so you can hole up like a little rabbit and knit your way through to the other side of the chill.

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brenda said...

yes, and it is Year of the Rabbit for Chinese New Year too!!!