Friday, June 11, 2010

To Market, To Market-- Lindsay's Turn!

In January, I got to be the teacher's pet and accompany Suzanne to Market in California. There, we shopped up a storm, I got to learn about the business side of the business, and I only really irked one person (I think). Mostly, I had so much fun my jaw is still hanging open.

Well now, it's time for Summer Market and it's Lindsay's turn to go along. I do believe, as you read this, she and our beloved Head of Store are already in that state that starts and ends with the same letter and features a nice greeting in the middle. (Get it? GET IT? O-HI-O!)

Since I have been left behind-- sniffle sniffle-- I have decided to offer Lindsay a little advice on how to handle herself at Market. Just a few suggestions:

1. Suzanne knows everybody at Market. She is like the human FaceBook. Follow her around when you can and see how many people you can friend so you can be as popular as her.

2. Plan to spend a LOT of time at the Habu booth. (This is a good thing.)

3. Score swag. Lots of swag. Sometimes you have to be gently pushy to do this. Like maybe they'll say, "We only give these solid gold double point needles to customers who buy $200,000 worth of alligator tooth stitch markers." When this happens, make a sad face, like you just got some really bad news, and the only thing in the world that will cheer you up is solid gold DPs. This works pretty good.

4. If your first attempt to get swag by making a sad face doesn't work, circle the floor a few times and hover every fifth lap. See if the person in charge of the booth has a confused/cute/eager-to-please assistant. Buy this person a drink at the bar. Work it, girl.

5. There are lots and lots of book giveaways. You need to get a coupon in advance, then show up at the right time. Set your iPhone alarm to help you remember. You can get a book signed, but maybe not personalized, just in case, ten years from now, you decide to re-gift it. (Then again, if you're like me, you could just cross out Dear Lindsay and write in someone else's name.)

6. Hydrate. You are going to be walking your buns off, young lady.

7. Give Gina Wilde a BIG KISS from me and be sure to hang out at her Alchemy booth, which I'm sure will be stunning AND she gives out really good chocolate and samples. Please tell her I finally finished my Blue Moon feather and fan scrawl (that's a shawl/scarf thing) and it is GORGEOUS.

8. Try not to make anyone angry as I inadvertently did at Market. I won't go into the details but let's just say do not insult anyone's: home state, pet Chihuahua, or choice of footwear. You are so sweet you probably won't even have any trouble. I guess I mean: don't act like me!

9. Suzanne will hand you her credit card on the last day and tell you she doesn't have time to hit all the booths and you're going to have to go shopping for her. You know the store well enough to make good choices. For my part, I totally panicked. But just pick pretty things and you'll be fine.

10. Please get some swag for me.

11. Finally-- for now-- please take lots and lots of great pictures to share with us.

Good luck!

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indigo warrior said...

Lindsay - there's always room for more purple. (c:

Oh, and I need a new purse - no leather.