Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Fun Stuff This Weekend: Spinning Happy Hour

Spinning Happy Hour
Saturday June 26, 3-6 pm
Beginner (A little experience)

Come on down! Bring your spinning wheel and a spinning problem . . . . or just an open mind. Stuck in a rut? Does your yarn fall apart? Too fat? Too thin? Too . . . something? Only spin one kind of fiber? Join us to play and spin with the wonderful colors of Elemental Affects Romney fiber or challenge Jeane to see if she can solve the problem and make spinning fun again! Take your spinning to the next level and learn the real "long draw!"

Prerequisites: It's helpful if you know how to spin already, but you don't have to be good at it! We'll be able to work on a lot of individual issues.

Materials Needed: Anybody who wants to learn the long-draw should buy a couple of balls of dyed Romney Roving as a starting point. After that, you can try it on anything you bring with you.

Be sure to check out Jeane's other classes! There are still spots available in:

Flatter Yourself
Sunday June 27, 11-4 (includes a break)
Absolute Beginner (NO experience)

See for more details.
Call 512-707-7396 today to sign up!

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