Friday, September 25, 2009

Yarn Crawl Passports Are Here!

Hey Y'all,
Sorry I didn't post Wednesday. As I mentioned-- poor, poor me-- I'm at a knitting retreat in Maine. Cellphones don't work here (except for five random minutes scattered throughout the day) and the internet connection is very spotty, too. But just because I'm not posting doesn't mean I'm not thinking about knitting. Quite the opposite. All we do here is hike and knit and eat (and some folks are doing yoga, too.) If you want to read the long version, click here.

In the meanwhile, and much closer to home-- I got word that the passports for the Third Annual Hill Country Yarn Crawl are HERE. There's just a limited number available, so better get on down to the store and get one while you can. For those of you who like to party in good company, there's a bus ride that's going to do the loop and you can be on it. Here are some details:

Bus Crawl is October 11, 2009
(Sunday Only)

Here's where we're going:

The Yarn Barn, San Antonio
Yarnivore, San Antonio
Rosewood Yarns, Boerne
Ewe and Eye, Boerne
Stonehill Spinning, Fredericksburg
The Tinsmith’s Wife, Comfort
Old Oak's Ranch, WImberly

Fee: $30 -$40 (box lunch included)
Depending on sign-up.

So come on down to HCW and sign up for what will most certainly be the most fun knitting adventure (on wheels) of the year.

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