Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet the Serial Knitters

Today marks the start of a new ongoing series here at the blog. I’m aiming to make this thing weekly but—don’t hate me people, I’m going to that Knitting and Yoga Retreat in Maine next week. So for now, let’s call it biweekly, until I get back in town. And just what is this new series? Thanks for asking. Suzanne was pointing out to me just how many different HCW-affiliated groups there are. Wouldn’t it be fun, she suggested, to give y’all a little peek at what these groups are about, who is in them, and what they’re working on. My guinea pig group was the Serial Knitters, headed up by our own beloved and inimitable Deb Marvin. I’ve been in different Deb groups and classes over the years, but not the Serial Knitters. I did have the pleasure of hanging out with them last Thursday though, and here is what I learned:

Group: Serial Knitters
Meets: Thursdays 10 til noon
Number in Group: 17
Fearless Leader: Deb Marvin
Started: Summer 2003
Gender: Currently all women

Bragging Rights: Longest running knitting group store has had since weekly sessions started. This was actually a continuation of the first class ever held at HCW. The ladies loved it, so they just kept meeting.

How to Get In: Watch the obituaries and take a number. They aren’t “closed” in an exclusive way, they are just full up. “It’s like rush to get in,” says Deb.
Members: Linda, Annie, Jane, Diane, Pam, Robin, Kathy, Jann, Deb, Courtney, Christy, Marisa, Teresa, Sharon, Diane, Rebecca, Beth, Darragh
Something this group gets that others don’t: Free in-class flu shots. Yep, there’s a nurse in their midst and Serial Knitters have been known to drop trou on the spot for a little shot of prevention in the tuches.
Rated: X for strong language. Those with delicate ears are not allowed though Linda has a hard time hearing words with “oi” in them (like moist and coitus) so others try to honor that.

Knitalongs: Nope. Everyone works on whatever they want. None of this “let’s all knit the same thing,” stuff.
Ravelry Group: Yes. Check out Hedonknitstix
Other Pastimes: Once a month K1D2 parties (That’s knit one, drink two but sometimes it turns into K0D3.)

Projects Underway: Include but are not limited to: Feather and Fan throw out of Blue Sky Alpacas organic dyed cotton; Lacy Baby sweater out of Tahki Yarns Sky; Murano scarf from Interweave KNITS; Einstein Jacket in Noro; Bettna Jacket in Noro Silk Garden; Clapotis scarf in Manos silk blend.
Deb's Main Role: Unscrew things up.
Topics Discussed at Recent Meeting: iPhone apps for knitters; what’s up with everyone’s kids; why husbands instantly want to have sex when they get to a hotel (sort of the opposite of the Sweater Curse.)
What They Do to Pay for Yarn: Doctor (retired), nurse, multiple attorneys, chemist, hand therapist and more…
Unofficial Motto: Make time for knitting no matter what.

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lindar said...

Love the post about us!!!! Yeah, team Serial Knitters!

Thanks so much, Spike! Come visit us anytime. There is always room for you!