Friday, September 4, 2009

Free Pattern Friday: Small Batch!

Hey Y'all,
Can you stand another food analogy? Maybe I've been affected by all the food memoirs I've read, or by seeing Julie & Julia. Whatever, the case, when my ladies over at the store sent me a pattern to post for Free Pattern Friday, it reminded me of the kitchen. Because they told me that, even though the pattern calls for Provence yarn, they used Fiber Company's Canopy instead. That, in turn, led to a larger gauge. Which means you can knit the small size listed in the pattern. Which means fewer stitches and a quicker finished garment.

THEN I went and actually looked at the pattern, which is for a baby sweater. And in the introduction, the designer explains how this can be most satisfying, since you can knit it up very fast. But it features some really nice details, so you get to practice your skills and have a really terrific looking little sweater.

So, wait, how does this relate to the kitchen? Well, I like to mess around when I cook, change up the recipe some, use my instincts. And, though I haven't quite mastered the wisdom of trying out new things in small batches, once in awhile I do remember that this is a good way to go when testing out something new and exotic. Thus this week's pattern, what with the switched out yarn and tiny dimensions, is on par with making just a little bit of something new.

Either that all made perfect sense, or else you might be thinking I worked way too hard this week and my brain is mush. Well, that's true, too. Bon appetit!

Here's the link for the pattern.

And here's the yarn and a detail of the sweater:

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