Friday, August 7, 2009

Yay! New Interweave KNITS Mag Has Arrived!

The Fall Issue of Interweave Knits has arrived. I am so psyched. I love every single issue and usually decide I want to knit every single thing in every single issue. Then, okay, I get sidetracked. Not this time. The sweater on the cover was designed by Deborah Newton, an awesome designer I had the privilege of profiling a couple of issues back. I love DN's stuff and this sweater is no exception. I'd been wanting to try another sweater after a class I took with Fran last Jan/Feb where I finally learned how to actually finish something without it coming out all lumpy. I'd been debating what to make and then, voila, I saw the magazine. Here's a closer look at the sweater:

Bonus points for this pattern-- it's made with Manos del Uruguay Wool Clásica, which is hand spun and hand dyed by women in a co-op in Uruguay. (There are more than 800 women in the co-op). The stuff is so great to work with, it's subtly variegated, and it gets thinner and chunkier and thinner and chunkier as you go, so the texture of the garment is super cool. I made a top-down sweater out of some avocado green Manos years ago and of all my sweaters it is my absolute favorite. As soon as the temp dips below 91 degrees, I wear that thing around the clock. There's a bunch of great colors to choose from-- it's in the room with the books, so check it out.

Oh, and the new mag also, not surprisingly, has a bunch of other great patterns, too.

Happy knitting,

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