Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spud & Chloë, Sittin' in a Tree...

Or maybe I should say Spud & Chloë hanging out in a nice green pasture. Who are Spud & Chloë? They're the adorable cartoon girl & sheep mascots for a new spin-off company by the same name, part of Blue Sky Alpacas. I haven't tried out the Spud & Chloë line yet-- it's brand new to the store (and I think it's just brand new, in general), but having had the luxurious pleasure of working with Blue Sky Alpacas, my hunch is this S&C stuff is going to be a dream to work with.

The company's tagline is Sweet Yarns for Real Life and their anthem is Love at First Wash. If, like me, you have ever lived through the nightmare of accidentally felting a sweater you spent two hundred hours on-- or even if you just find that handwashing your knitted garments is a drag-- you might want to consider making a full time commitment to washable yarn.

They've got three weights and lots of excellent colors to choose from. Down below are pictures of the various color-weight combos for sweater yarn (55% superwash wool/45% organic cotton blend), super bulky "outer" yarn (65% superwash wool/35% organic cotton blend), and super fine sock yarn (80% superwash wool/20% silk blend). The sock yarn is especially good for Fair Isle and detail work. They have patterns, too (pics of those below also).

Oh, and check out their blog, too-- they do giveaways.

Super Bulky Outer Yarn:

Sweater Yarn:

Sock Yarn:

Pattern Stuff:

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