Friday, August 21, 2009

The Answer is Rowan in the Wind

Okay, so the pun in the title is not my best. But forgive me my giddiness-- THE NEW ROWAN SHIPMENT IS HERE!! Now, I'm not big on holidays, and I don't read magazines like I used to. But twice a year, whenever a new issue of Rowan magazine comes out, you better believe I drop everything (but stitches) and plop down and just drool over all the new patterns. I don't even need to knit anything I see, I can just look at those gorgeous photos over and over and over again.

And with the new issue of the magazine also comes a huge shipment of Rowan yarn. I was down at the store the other day, looking for a place to plunk down with my computer, and the back classroom was wall to wall boxes of new Rowan. Valerie was checking it in and noting how fun her job was. I know there's this theory that no matter how much you love something, if it becomes your job, there's bound to eventually be a lot less love. But Valerie confirmed my hunch-- not true when your job involves going through mountains of skeins of new yarn.

It's all so gorgeous. Well, okay, one possible exception. Suzanne and Lindsay were engaged in a debate over whether or not the younger male model (see picture below-- he's got long hair and crossed legs) is in fact hot or not. I, personally, think he looks a little too much on the soft side. I like dudes who can lift stuff, you know? Like big boxes of yarn. So what do you think-- would you throw him out of bed for eating crackers or would you be willing to spend hundreds of hours knitting him a complicated sweater? (Before you answer, let's say that, just this once, knitting him a sweater would not result in the Boyfriend Sweater Curse).

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