Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stash Re-Hash: The Report from Elizabeth

I met Elizabeth Musselman at the Yarn Harlot's most excellent soiree last week and E told me she was heading up the big stash swap that was planned for last Saturday. I asked her to send me the post-swap scoop, which she did, and I am kicking myself for having missed it (but I had a huge emergency come up so really, I think we should have a do-over swap this coming weekend to accommodate me, me, me!) Anyway here's E's report and some pictures:

Hi, Spike,

The sale went really well, I think. Sellers came and went throughout the day (well, from 9-3, when the last seller packed up), but there were about 20 altogether. The range of items made for fun shopping: we had hand-spun, hand-dyed yarn; hand-dyed fleece; raw alpaca fleece in feed bags; great craft books, some dating to the 1970s and '80s; fabric; an antique I-cord maker; Crystal Palace needles; finished knitwear; and of course lots and lots of gorgeous yarn, magazines, and books.

The day was hot (mid-90s at its worst) and sunny but breezy and we had tents and lemonade to keep us reasonably cool. Nothing could stop us from knitting anyway.

The famous Leslie even dropped by. Didn't buy anything, though. There were plenty of others who did visit the sale, though, and most of the sellers managed to off-load quite a bit of their yarn.

(BTW, the store didn't take any of the proceeds from the sale. All the transactions were directly between stash seller and buyer.)


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