Friday, June 19, 2009

Free Pattern Friday: Because It is Called Hill Country WEAVERS After All

Hey Y'all,
Well at least for this week we're resuming Free Pattern Friday. It's been a few weeks since we last hit you with a freebie, what with so many things going on at the store to report. And this week, in honor of all the weavers that we love (yes, just as much as the knitters), here's a weaving pattern for you.

You can also check it out at our Ravelry page.

Woven Random Lace Scarf


3 skeins = 669.0 yards (611.7m) of Katia Colibri Yarn
Colorway 7555


Plain weave structure
12 EPI 108 warp ends
2 skeins warp 3.5 yards long
1 skein weft

Suzanne says, " I did the easiest weave of all 'plain weave' and it looks like I did a complex lace pattern, but it’s all about the changing textures in the yarn!"

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