Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Heart FELT and Close KNIT: HCW Summer Camp Fun!

This week our campers are in, learning to knit and felt and weave. I'm down here doing some textile-related research in muggy muggy Houston (if you thought Austin was hot and unbearable you should really try Houston out for size) so I haven't been able to pop by camp yet BUT... I have my insider sources. And I hear that, as with the very best summer camp experiences, the girls are enjoying crafting lessons as well as gossiping about boys and their mothers' ages. Not merely students, they are teachers, too, showing up with their iPods to teach the "ancient" camp helpers (already in their twenties!) a thing or two about the latest pop music.

Hat knitting is apparently most popular this year and the counselors have worked out a sort of carrot-on-stick motivational system that involves getting the kids to knit several rows, then handing it off to a "pro" to zip out a row, and then back to the camper.

Knitting isn't all that's happening though. There's weaving camp-- the kids are making simple chenille scarves, a woven felted bag, and a wall hanging using the floor loom.

And here's an excellent quote from my Little Bird source:

Last year one knitting camper came in with more stitches than she had gone home with. Once she found out that this was a bad thing she said "How do you delete stitches?"

Ah, yes, wouldn't it be nice if there was an alt-delete key on the end of our needles so we could just correct our errors in under two seconds. Keep dreaming, kids-- that's what camp is for. Here are some more pics-- wish we could all go to camp...


marie said...

how cool is that!!

indigo warrior said...

I saw some of the finished projects. All I can say is what I've always said - "Can I come to camp?". The Little Bird (cough, cough) keeps telling me I'm too old! How is that possible?