Saturday, August 4, 2012

No Really, Fall Will Get Here-- We're Ready!

So, okay, August has just begun and, yes, the triple digit thing is upon us. For a little relief we suggest two options. The first is to remember that this time last year was totally miserable, no green anywhere, and a million degrees every day. By comparison, we're doing great. On the other hand, that option means actually thinking about last summer's misery. So really, you only have one true option and that is to 
THINK ABOUT THE FALL! We've got lots of great stuff coming up. Here's a sneak peek list. Keep your eyes on the prizes, folks! Cooler weather and lots of cool events. To wit: 

End of September-- Stephen West Trunk Show and Book Signing! 

Plus Debbie will teach a Stephen West shawl class.

6th Annual Hill Country Yarn Crawl!
 October 5 - 8, 2012

Amy from Madeline Tosh is coming in October and she's going to teach a weekend of classes. 

Updated, expanded, new, improved, bigger & better Prairie Bliss Collection is coming out. 

And another weaving and knitting book on the horizon! 

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