Monday, July 30, 2012

First Thursday - A sale of olympic proportions!

We've checked our sales and awarded our top selling yarns gold, silver and bronze medals! 
Get 25%, 23% or 21% off depending on where they fall on our podium!

Plus! Enjoy a discount on some top qualifiers!

Knit your own medal with 19% off anything with metallic or sparkle.

Sprint to the finish with bulky yarns! Get 19% off anything with a stitch gauge of 2.5 = 1" or less.

Vote for your own medal winner - the yarn with the most votes at 6pm on Wednesday is also 19% off!
(select your choice on the poll to the right of this post!)

Sale Date: Thursday, August 2, 2012*

*Sale does not apply to previously marked down items

As always on First Thursday - shop from home at and get 20% off on all eCommerce purchases**. Just use code: PODIUM when you go to checkout!

**Online sale excludes kits and previously marked down items

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