Friday, January 13, 2012

Live From New York! It's Hill Country Weavers!

Of the many perks those of us who work at the shop get, a really big one is Knitting Trips with Suzanne. Twice a year she goes to TNNA Market-- California in January and Ohio in June-- to see all the great new stuff the yarn companies are offering to the merchants. And she always takes one of us with her.

Well right now, Suzanne is in New York City with Kennedy and the event they are attending is Vogue Knitting Live! Those of us back here in Austin are understandably jealous-- VKL is an amazing experience with tons of knitting superstars, vendors, and passionate knitters all gathered together in one spot to swap ideas, buy and sell products, and teach and take classes.

Suzanne and Kennedy are set up inside of the Buffalo Gold booth, showing off a sneak preview of the newest, not-yet-released HCW pattern collection, Musings from Mercury Hall, which includes knitting, crocheting and weaving patterns. And which is, like the other two pattern collections, stunning (of course)! They've got pictures AND sample garments. Fear not-- if you can't hop a flight up to NYC this morning, they'll be back soon enough to show off the goods right here on the home front.

Stay tuned for some exciting pictures from the Big Apple!

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