Friday, January 27, 2012

All Together Now! Come to Our Pizza Knit Tonight!

Hey Y'all,
So knitting solo can be totally calming, meditative, and rewarding. And as Deb likes to tell her Sock 101 students, NEVER attempt a kitchener stitch in the company of others.

That said, knitting in a group has its own wonderful rewards. More so when there is pizza involved. Toward that end, our first Pizza & Knitting Party of 2012 happens tonight. I'll post all the details below, but first, let me ask you...

Do you host regular knitting gatherings? I do. I call mine Knit Knights and we always have a crowd of people and mountains of food. Sometimes we even get some knitting done. My friend Rachel Kieserman hosts Arts & Drafts every Thursday at Rio Rita from 7 pm til ?? And for that event, you don't even need to knit-- you can work on any craft.

If you know of any other open knit groups, let us know.

Meanwhile, if you can join us tonight-- call us by 3 pm and tell us what kind of pizza you want. 512-707-7396. We'll order the pizza so it's here for the party start at 6:30. You can pay for your pizza when you get here. So, short version:

Pizza Party
January 27, 2012
6:30 pm til ??
Bring You Appetite!
Bring Your Friends!
Bring Your Knitting!
Bring Your Cricket!
Bring Your Crochet!

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Stitches and Stuffing said...

Silly puppy, that piece of pizza is as big as you are!

What an adorable little dog! Love the name of your knitting group, knitting + pizza sounds divine. Makes me wish I was local!