Monday, August 30, 2010

Knitting Around the World and Weaving Close to Home

Well I finally found a knitting shop here in Rehovot. It reminded me of some of the knit shops I found in France—very small storefronts packed inside with yarn and notions. This shop had sewing stuff, including lots and lots of buttons, on one side. On the other, all the yarn. And in the middle, racks of pantyhose and socks.

I talked to the owner a bit. He gets most of his yarn from Turkey but due to recent political happenings that source will likely have to change. I mentioned the great yarn store and warehouse I visited in Argentina and he asked me for specific information. So who knows—maybe my world travels this past year will mean that the Israelis will soon have access to Argentine fibers. That’d be pretty cool.

Meanwhile, on the home front, there’s a weaving class coming right up. I took a weaving class a couple of years ago and it was really, really fun. Here are the details for that class—you can call the shop to reserve a spot:

Double Arrows Bowl Basket

September 7 
6:00 - 9:00

Upper beginner level / intermediate


Beginning with a quality oak base, we will weave this fruit bowl you will be able to use the next day in your kitchen! Side embellishment will include learning how to weave two-toned arrows. Great basket to learn how to weave with round wooden bases. Color choices will be available.

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