Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Okay y'all, listen up. This is a BIG DEAL!! At the end of this post you'll find info on this month's excellent First Thursday Sale. But first, let me tell you-- Suzanne is turning SIXTY which is, of course, the new 20! So in addition to the sale, there will be delicious cake for you, so you can help celebrate properly. Now here's what else I want you to do-- use the comments section here to wish Suzanne a Happy Happy Happy Birthday and tell her why you LOVE HER SO! Not that you really need an example, but I'll start things off here with my comment:

Happy Birthday! Thank you very very much for being born. You have CHANGED MY LIFE. If not for you, I'd still be knitting with crappy polyester yarn, I wouldn't know how to make socks and maybe even I wouldn't have stuck with knitting, so I'd wind up face down in the gutter, because without knitting my life would have turned out terribly I just KNOW IT! And thank you for taking me to Market in January. And thank you for being patient with me and letting me do the blog which I am SO PSYCHED to do. I hope you have the very bestest of birthdays and, oh yeah-- Girl? You are looking like TWO MILLION BUCKS these days. Wait, make that THREE MILLION!
Love, love, love,
(Okay y'all, your turn-- please leave a comment. And keep reading for the sale info)

First Thursday Sale And it's the BIG one!!
Don't be late, we're serving cake!
It's Suzanne's 60th, so to honor her summer time birthday save 25% off all Summer Yarns!
This includes yarns containing cotton, plant fibers or blends of both!

Wait there's MORE!

Allowing Aging Adults Reduced Prices!!
If you are are 60 or older you can add an extra 5%!!

And even MORE!!

ThE bIrThDaY bOnus!!!
HCW is launching it's BiRtHdAy BoNuS program this month so If your birthday is in August you can add an extra 5%!!!

*sorry we can't combine the A.A.A.R.P. discount with the birthday bonus discount (maybe for her 70th) ;-D



lindar said...

Have a fabulous birthday Suzanne!! I hope you have a really special day all day long.
xoxox linda r.

asmith519 said...

dearest suzanne,
when i walk into your shop, i feel like i'm walking into heaven! thank you for that! and the happiest of birthdays to you!

regina said...

Dear Suzanne,
I only come to your shop once a year, during SXSW, but you provide me with an oasis that makes dealing with the festival bearable. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a great year ahead.

Sue J said...

Happy Birthday Suzanne!!
And thank you SOOOOOO very much for teaching me to cast on, knit and purl all those many years ago!!
I don't know how I would manage the stresses of work and life if I didn't have my knitting!
And thanks for having the biggest inventory of fiber in central Texas!
Sue James

suealex said...

Happy happy birthday! You have a way of creating space for new relationships - friendships, relationships with self and knitting, space for reflection and sharing. I'm glad you were born and I'm glad you're a knitter.