Saturday, July 24, 2010

Carry On and Smell Good! (Cool New Stuff)

By this time last year, we'd already had some crazy number of consecutive 100+ degree days. Thankfully it hasn't been that hot this year, but lately the heat index has been pushing into triple-digit territory. Maybe, for some of you, this means a break from working with wool. Fortunately there's no shortage of cotton, bamboo, and linen to knit with, and tons of great summer projects from breezy tanks to portable socks that won't cover your lap and leave you sweating.

Well, there's more good news for you if you're ready to add to your knit accessories stash (and really, who isn't ready for that?). Some of the bags that Suzanne and Lindsay picked out at Market have arrived-- groovy black-and-white patterns, excellent for toting your projects around in high style. There's a furry bag, too, from KnowKnits-- it's fake fur and a small bag, so I say it falls well within the Perfect Summer Purchase category.

Also new-- Lavishea Bars, this very cool lotion-in-a-bar. It comes in two sizes and nine "flavors" including: pear, ginger blossom, lavender (my favorite), citrus basil, mountain lake, and island breeze. What's so special about Lavishea? Well, for starters, since it's in a solid form, you can carry it on planes without worry about that 3 oz rule that applies to liquids and gels. You rub it on your hands like soap, but you don't use water. It moisturizes but won't transfer onto your fibers. So you smell good, you feel good, and you don't wreck your yarn. Pretty clever.

More cool stuff from Market should be arriving soon. I'll keep you posted.

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