Monday, May 24, 2010

Indie Dyers: We Heart You!

I was in the shop the other day, hitting up Lindsay for some post ideas. I should've mentioned this about 10,000 posts ago-- Lindsay very often provides the inspiration for these posts, since she is right on top of everything coming in at any given time. She also sends me plenty of photos, too. My gratitude for her behind-the-scenes dedication to the blog is bigger than a massive ball of super-chunky, to understate the matter.

So on this recent trip, I was showing off the Feather & Fan project I am oh-so-slowly working my way through, using the stunning, hand painted yarn I picked up that is made by Gina Wilde at Alchemy. This got us to chatting about independent dyers, and Lindsay followed up by sending me lots of groovy pictures of yarn from Anzula (Mermaid & Squishy), Handmaiden (Casbah, Mini Maiden, CamelSpin, SeaSilk, & Double SeaSilk, and Madeline Tosh (Pashmina, Tosh DK, and Tosh Sock). I'm here to pass along those pictures and remind you that Lindsay-- and the rest of the staff-- are always on the ball (sorry, had to make the pun) and glad to let you know what's new, too-- just ask. Here are some pictures to whet your appetite.

[Above: Tosh Sock]
[Above: Tosh DK]
[Above: Anzula Squishy]
[Above: Handmaiden SeaSilk]
[Above: Tosh Pashmia]
[Above: Handmaiden Mini Maiden]
[Above: Anzula Mermaid]
[Above: Handmaiden Double SeaSilk]
[Above: Handmaiden Casbah]
[above: CamelSpin]

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