Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hooked on Learning

Hello Fellow Fiber Fanatics,
Awhile back, I spent some time talking crochet with Brenda, who showed me a Granny Square blanket she'd made. We also took a tour of the wonderful book room at the shop, focusing on crochet books. Brenda made the excellent point that just because some books are targeted at kids doesn't mean they aren't also great for adult beginners. Makes sense-- the instructions broken down and spelled out in super simple terms. And even if you never plan to trade in your needles for a hook, remember that crocheted borders and embellishments can bump your knitted project up from fantastic to super stunning fantastic with the most basic crochet touches. Brenda will be teaching some crochet classes soon, and I'll be sure to let you know when that's happening.

Speaking of letting you know stuff-- I've been posting a bit less frequently lately and here's why: I am working on a novel. I set a goal for myself to be finished the first draft by the end of May. Often, life's demands interfered, and I thought I might not finish as planned. This is also how I feel about some of my knitting projects. I try never to knit on a deadline, but occasionally I find myself wanting to get something done either for a specific occasion or because I'm eager to start something new. Well, the knitting/novel-writing have both been great reminders of how progress can be accomplished with baby steps. I'm not entirely sure how I pulled it off, but it actually looks like I'll be meeting my book goal by Monday AND that I just might, on the same day (or shortly thereafter), finish the feather and fan scarf I started months ago. I'm about to add in the last skein and I can hardly believe it since some weeks it felt like I didn't knit at all. So here's to incremental progress, eh?

Coming up really soon-- a bit of exciting news about an article I had published in InterWeave Knits, and some important info about upcoming classes. In the meanwhile, enjoy the long weekend. Happy Knitting! AND Crocheting! Here are some crochet book suggestions:

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