Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Look What I Made!

The things I love about knitting are endless. They rhythm. The meditation. The gratification of a project finished. The promise of the potential of a project not-yet-started. I love the gadgets, apps, doo-dads. I love my ever-growing bag collection-- big bags, little bags, bags that proclaim the names of knit shops I've been to all over kingdom come.

And sometimes? Sometimes I just love whipping out a one-day project, something silly and whimsical. And then, icing on the cake (an especially fitting metaphor in this case) I love, love, love showing off the silly results. That's been the case for two doughnuts I knitted recently, following the incredibly easy, incredibly fast "recipe" in Knitted Cakes. If you want to knit some sweets, there are a couple of copies of the book in stock at the shop.

One hint if you choose to make this doughnut-- for my first one, I sewed on the bead "sprinkles" after I stuffed and assembled the finished product. That left me with lots of little ends of thread sticking out. For my second doughnut, I went ahead and sewed the beads on before I stuffed it and sewed it closed. That way, I just used one long thread, and tied the final not on the inside/wrong side. Looks much better that way.

Bon appetit!

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