Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Killing Time: Compulsive Knitting

Soon, soon-- I have more news about more spring/summer inventory arriving. But today, let's talk about art. Since the big knitting resurgence (what's it been-- like ten years now?) there have been a lot of cool art shows involving crafts. There was that interactive installment a while back where knitters were invited to deconstruct a couple of rooms full of knitted art and then repurpose it into useful garments-- Jordi gave an assist for that project. There's a lot of Knit Graffiti going on out there. And then there's the everyday art we make when we add unique touches to the stuff we make. (Like the 3-D roasted chicken hat I made a couple of years back.)

All of my friends know what a knitting fanatic I am, and so it's not a surprise that I get emails with links to cool happenings in the knitting world. My friend Stephanie, also a knitter, sent one just yesterday, featuring the work of Daniela Edburg, who was born in Houston and raised in San Miguel de Allende. She's got a show up now at Kunsthaus Santa Fe, which is in San Miguel, and if you're heading that way I recommend you check it out. But even if you aren't venturing South of the Border anytime soon, you can check out her knit-related photos at her website. And I've posted a couple of pictures here. There's also an interview with Daniela here where she talks about her own compulsive knitting habit.

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