Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just In Time for Valentine's Day...

Last month, I wrote about my adventures at TNNA Market in California, where I got to learn about the business side of the knitting world. I saw so many booths that excited me-- all that yarn, all those notions, t-shirts, accessories, and doo-dads I never even knew existed. As I wandered along in my daze, I came across one booth that pulled me in like a magnet. Annie Adams Adornment sells knit-related jewelry and keychains. I was particularly enamored of a little necklace, pictured above, that celebrates knitting. Though you can't go on a full-on shopping spree at Market-- it's primarily set up for wholesale orders-- sometimes vendors have a little bit of overstock on hand. When Annie saw how excited I was, she mentioned that she had a few samples she was willing to part with, so-- since it was my birthday weekend and all-- I splurged and bought myself one. I just love it.

Suzanne has been to enough of these events that she's friends with lots of the vendors. This means that she doesn't just shop and move on, she stops and has conversations with folks. So it dawned on her, late in the second day, that given our schedule, she was going to have a hard time getting to every booth she'd planned to visit. Which is how, if only for a day, I became a "buyer." Yep, that's right. Suzanne gave me a shortlist of vendors to visit, and an idea of what to pick out for the store. You might think this was exhilarating. And it was. It was also a little nerve wracking, since I was new to the whole buying thing and worried I might pick out stock that wouldn't fit in with Suzanne's impeccable taste.

But while I fretted a bit over choosing which buttons to buy, when it came time to make selections at Annie's booth, I had no trouble. I loved everything and figured y'all would, too. Her stuff is fun, pretty, and reasonably priced. So what's not to love, right? I picked out some necklaces so you could buy one, too, and we could be BKFF (Best Knit Friends Forever) with our matching jewelry. I also scored some cool keychains. Here they are:

Not that you need any excuses to buy more knitting stuff, but Valentine's Day is coming right up. So I'm recommending you nudge your valentine to buy you some cool something from the Annie Adams stuff, which just arrived in the store. Or, heck, just buy some for yourself.

Happy (Early) Valentine's Day,

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