Monday, December 7, 2009

Meet Murray's Knitterati!

Hello Y'all,
This is Episode Two of my very sporadic series where I introduce you to the ongoing knitting groups. Today I met up with Deb's Monday knitting club. Actually, I've been a part of that group in the past and hope to join in again sometime. The good news is, today when we met, it was for the holiday party and I took lots and lots of pictures. The bad news is, I apparently have not figured out how to use my new camera. So when I got home, there were no pictures to download. Fortunately, I was able to locate some pictures of groups of women knitting together.

ADVISORY: In no way do these photos represent the hip and swinging gals I hung out with today!! Well, wait-- they do in one sense. Just like Deb's group, these knitters of yesteryear totally knew the thrill of group knit.

Group Name: Deb's Deb Combined Mondays Group aka Murray’s Knitterati

The Story Behind the Name: Different groups- namely Murray's Girls and Knitterati, joined forces to form one group, hence the combo-name.

Who the Heck is Murray? Murray is Deb's dog, and Dog Sweater Model of the Century

How Many in Group? Around fifteen.

Can I Join? Yep, this group IS taking new members. Call the shop or better yet stop by for details.

Will I Be Hazed When I Join? Nope. Well, not too badly.

How Long Has the Group Been Together? That's a trick question. Or this is a trick answer. Murray's Girls started around five or six years ago. Knitterati started around four years ago. So let's say ten years altogether! (Okay, in truth, the group as it is now got together about a year ago.)

When Do You Meet? Mondays 10 - 1 at the store. Plus once a year at Deb's for a big holiday party.

What's Something Outsiders Looking In Might Not Know About the Group? They have an ongoing fantasy, led by Carroll, about the fireman from the station next door who runs around the block shirtless now and then. Some rumors hold that they are planning to knit him smaller running shorts. Sporadic sightings mean ongoing anticipation and random gratification. Watch attendant hot flashes or you might find yourself on the business end of a fire extinguisher.

Is There Much Cussing? Not like in Deb's other group. More like PG-13 with the language here.

What Are Folks Working On?

Peggy—Kimono sweater. Vintage Berroco wool. It’s a class project.

Carroll—The kimono sweater and mittens from Lambs Pride.

Pam-- A chenille throw for her oldest daughter.

Bren-- Unknitting a feather and fan. Bren also writes patterns-- her last one was the Big Ball shawl, which is a mitered shawl.

Nita-- Nita is a charter member of the group. She's working on a Sursa shawl with leftover yarn absconded from Debbie's Magic Stash closet aka the inner sanctum.

Lori – An honorable class hopper, Lori has done time in Monday class, Wednesday class, and Thursday class. Now a dedicated member of Murray's Knitterati, she's working on a pair of socks and trying not to be distracted by other projects. She’s never used big balls.

Kimberly-- Newbie knitter Kimberly has only been at the needles a year and a half yet already she suffers from Mad Knitter’s Disease. She cannot stop knitting. She’s done it all—lace, baby sweaters, and on and on, and she finishes everything.

Sandra— is working on the Mr. Green Jeans top-down cardigan from, using Miss Priss, a wool yarn.

Cele— Deb's great friend and a sometimes guest of the group, Cele can't exactly remember when she started knitting. She does know it was when she was a child in Germany, where it was obligatory to take knitting, crocheting, and sewing lessons in school. She's working on a cable express neck warmer out of a baby alpaca which "feels terrific." In between making the sweater, she usually has three or four projects going at once. "Sometimes you get bored. You have to stop and go to the next one."

Pat—Pat's a newcomer who just took up knitting a couple of months ago after putting it down a few years ago following a few scarfs. Right now she's working on "the baby cap from hell." And this time, she's not stopping. "I decided to commit myself to knitting." (We hear you, Pat!!)

Nina-- Nina has been with the group around three years. She's working on an amethyst cowl scarf and a ruffle scarf in organic cotton organic for the latter and wool and tencel for the cowl. "It’s extremely fun and therapeutic. Helps my anxiety."

What Do Y'all Talk About? Anything they want! Though for this meeting, Deb whipped out her latest genius idea-- a zipper fishing tackle organizer from Academy that just so happens to be the perfect organizer for circular needles. Also, they were deciding which charity to give to for the holidays. This year, the group skipped a White Elephant exchange in favor of sharing with others.

Thanks for sharing the party with me, ladies. Mmmm, warm brie. Mmmm, chocolate cookies. Mmmm, cheese log.

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