Friday, December 18, 2009

Bon Jour Y'all!

Bon Jour Mon Cheries!
I am writing this in the South of France. No kidding. Very cool-- they have the Internet here in France, too! And speaking of very cool-- how's about 30ish degrees F every day? I'm not complaining considering we are in a smashing tenth floor apartment a few blocks from the Mediterranean so, voila! every view is a spectacular one. Plus, I have had a chance to wear about ten different things I've knitted-- all at the same time!! I'll post some pictures soon.

Meanwhile, after a very long walk today, up to a castle, and then back home where I devoured a half a loaf of bread, I sat down to take a peek at the news. I don't look at the news too much when I'm on vacation. Mostly I knit. But lo, there at the New York Times website, in the Most Popular Articles box, was a link to a piece about people who quit their day jobs to sell their crafts and make their living on

The article opens up with the tale of a knitter, Yokoo Gibran, who earned over $140,000 (!!) last year with her knitting. But she says she also works more than thirteen hours a day. And frankly, I'm a little worried she's going to get carpal tunnel. I checked out her Etsy site and, for example, she's selling a super-chunky, 8 foot long scarf, made of an 80/20 acrylic/wool blend for $150.00. Wow!

Anyway, it's a good little article about the pros and cons of selling your crafts to a big market.

Also featured in the article-- Caroline Colom Vasquez, who doesn't sell knitted stuff but who does live in Austin. She makes ceramic and wood collectibles and the name of her company is Paloma's Nest. She, too, is exhausted from her success.

I guess this is the old be careful what you wish for routine, but since I'm not in the position of feeling overwhelmed by making six figures a year for knitting, and since I am knitting like mad over here in France, well, I'm sort of fantasizing about trying to find out, firsthand, how tiring such success can be.

Anybody have an stories about your adventures selling at Etsy?

Okay, back to vacation.
More soon!
Au Revoir!

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