Friday, October 9, 2009

It's Time to Crawl, Y'awl!

Woo-Hoo! It is officially Yarn Crawl weekend. Now be careful out there on those wet roads, hear? And remember to make your first stop Hill Country Weavers. If you've got your passport then you probably know that each place you stop to get it stamped, you get a free gift. At HCW we're giving away some rocking yarn and a pattern booklet. Here are some pics-- of the yarn we're giving out and patterns from the booklet-- to inspire you. I can't wait to make those hand warmers.

If any of you want to email me your stories and pictures ( I'd love to post them here. So drop me a line.

Now go ahead, knitters-- start your engines!


KC Shortes said...

I just finished posting about my yarn crawl day.

Karen of TX said...

The fingerless glove in this post: do you have a pattern? It's not Knitty's Fetching, which I was about to start but I can't now since I love these more. Thanks!

I am jealous of the Yarn Crawl very much. I suspect a similar venture here in the Metroplex would just be sad.