Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Second Annual Warehouse Blowout Sale! Friday & Saturday Only!

Last year, Suzanne was sitting on a bunch of back stock eyelash yarn. You know, that fluffy, fuzzy, very forgiving stuff that’s great for whipping up fun and fancy scarves and accessories in garter stitch, or crocheting some pizzazzy finishing trim on shawls and sweaters. To clear out the excess and make room for the next season’s offerings, she threw what we now can refer to as the First Annual Warehouse Blowout Sale!

Because it was so fun, she’s doing it again. Welcome to the Second Annual Warehouse Blowout Sale! And really, you shouldn’t miss it. Because this year, it’s more than fuzz and fluff. There’s a lot of classic everyday yarn, some of it from the recently discontinued Jaeger line by Rowan. There’s some traditional stuff that is great at showing off stitch definition and cabling. Definitely stock that will appeal to knitters of all levels and tastes, with enough of some skeins to provide a sweater’s-worth of yardage.

The first annual sale had shoppers in a frenzy, some planting their kids in boxes of yarn to stake their claim. You might want to bring several kids with you this year to mark your territory, as the pickings are going to be that good. Oh, and please—you should definitely bring your own bags.

The sale is OFF SITE (see below) and Friday and Saturday only.

APRIL 24 and 25 10am – 6pm
40% - 80% off of retail prices & featuring these classics!!

Debbie Bliss
Jo Sharp
Dale Yarns

Address: 11313 Yucca Drive (corner of Yucca and DK Ranch Road)
contact HCW at 707-7396 or for additional information.
Maps will be available at HCW or use Google Maps

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Lolo said...

I am so sad that I leaving for Houston and will miss it. Enjoy shopping for yarn,