Friday, April 3, 2009

KnitKit = Big Hit!

Hey Y'all,
So I'm in Lincoln, Nebraska this week to research a book I'm working on about the history of quilts from around the world. Actually, I have changed the name of the state to Nebrrrraska, since it's around 30 degrees here in the mornings. And it's supposed to be blizzard conditions this weekend. The upside of all this terrible weather is that I can-- and have been-- essentially wearing every single thing I have ever knitted, and I have been wearing these items simultaneously. For example, right now I've got on Noro leg warmers, a Manos silk/wool sweater, some Nashua hand warmers, and a shawl/scarf I knitted up from recycled silk from Tibet. (My heavy Noro hat is in the car).

It's kind of odd that while I am, at heart, a hardcore knitter, I make a good part of my living writing about quilts. One day, I hope to transition to writing full time about knitting. But for now, when I'm in some faraway place researching quilts, I do my best to drop by the local knit shop ASAP. I managed to get to The Yarn Shop my first day here. I met Salli, the proprietress, and her friend/co-worker Amber, and their friend Thea, who were sitting around knitting. I wandered the shop looking for a treat-- I try to always buy yarn mementos on my travels-- and wound up with some alpaca sock yarn and a tote that says Caution: Chick with Sticks.

I was surprised to learn they don't carry Noro-- Salli says it's too much of a pain for her to deal with the company. But I won't hold it against them that they don't carry MY ALL TIME FAVORITE FIBER. They have plenty of other great yarns to choose from. I had a really great time chatting with them. And then, as I was about to head out, Salli said, "Wait! Have you seen this?" and she showed me the new KnitKit . To my eye, it looked like a cross between a miniature toilet seat lid and an oversized pack of birth control pills. Then Salli demonstrated the MacGyver-esque tool, a real work of genius, featuring a tape measure, mini scissors, stitch markers, a crochet hook, a thread cutter and point protectors, all in this sleek little package. (Made me wistfully remember my old '67 Volkswagen pop-top camper van, an entire little house packed into about a 2x2 foot area.)

Well wouldn't you know it-- within hours I happened to get an email from Suzanne, asking me if I'd seen the new KnitKit yet-- she just got a batch in at the store. And lo, I had. Holy serendipity, Batman! I love it when that happens. So good news then-- you can pick up your own right over here at Hill Country Weavers. A steal at twenty bucks.

This weekend: I head to Omaha for another knit shop stop. Stay tuned...



knit buzz said...

Hey-- if any of you left a comment on this post, please repost it. You know how sometimes you have to back up and TINK something? Well I went into the blog to make a correction and a small color change and I think that made some comments disappear. And even if you didn't comment before, by all means, please comment now. What out-of-Austin knit shops have you been to?

lindar said...

Ooh! Saw the Knitkit today at the shop! It looks like it has everything in it. Just right there in one compact little ditty.
Well, I try to find a knit shop that is better that HCW, so I do go to any and all that I can while away on trips.
The Swift Stitch in Santa Cruz, Ca. is pretty cool. Northhampton Wools, in Northhampton, Mass is a fun little place and and the old Knit Cafe in LA was neat ( but it had to close for lease problems). If you are traveling to Houston and have to have a knit fix on the way, you can pull into the really sweet Yarnorama in Paige, Texas off 290. I love that place, but really there is none better ( in my opinion) than our very own Hill Country Weavers. You can always tell the newbies in the shop, their breath is just taken away! I know how that feels every time I open the front door!