Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't Forget: We're Having a Party!

This is a reminder about our BIG KXKP (knit by knit purl) PARTY!

Party is on Wednesday, March 14th, from 3pm - 7pm. Featuring Southpaw Jones, Schmillion, and Kelley Deal (of the Breeders and R. Ring).

It's FREE FREE FREE. The first ten of you to arrive will receive a FREE KNIT KIT so you can knit a mic stand cozy for Kelley to use at her official SXSW showcase.

PLUS!! Liz Gipson, a rep for Knitter's Pride, will be there for "Austin Share Your Pride"-- a chance to try out Knitter's Pride needles!

Also, see that picture above? It's a poster for Kelley's band, R. Ring. If you're one of those ambitious, silly, seat-of-the-pants knitters, then knit up a banana and/or an orange. The most creative knitted fruit knitter wins a prize! We'll let Kelley be the judge.

Please help us spread the word. And remember, parking will be tight so consider carpooling or taking the bus.

See you Wednesday!!

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