Friday, December 16, 2011

How Now, Paintbrush Cowl! A Gift You'll Want to Give to You!

Hey Y'all,
Well, as you know there's no shortage of ideas down at the shop. Ideas for gifts you can make for others. And, of course, ideas for gifts you can wish and dream and hope and (gently) beg for for yourself.

Today we're just going to point you in the direction of one of the many, many wonderful possibilities. The Paintbrush Cowl Kit works great as a gift you can make for others AND a gift you can ask for for yourself. Or, heck, just buy two kits and give yourself one-- why wait until Christmas, right?

As you can see, it's gorgeous and it knits up fast and it's got a lovely texture to it. Come to think of it, maybe you'll want more than two.

Oh, and don't forget-- you can still leave a comment in the comments section of our last post-- that makes you eligible to win a gift certificate.

Happy Holidays, Y'all!

1 comment:

Z of ZKNITZ said...

I'm not into cowls, but this one I actually like.

looks great!