Thursday, November 24, 2011

Forget Black Friday Lines-- Make Your Own Gifts!

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!
News reports are showing that lots of people are already lined up, waiting to burst through the doors of big retailers for Black Friday bargains. But as you know, a hand knitted/woven/crocheted gift is far lovelier than some old store-bought item. Toward that end, we've tracked down a couple of one and two skein scarf patterns for you. They knit up quick so you can make one for everyone on your holiday list.

There's the Hitchhiker Pattern-- we made one using a single skein of Crazy Zauberball and another using two skeins of Freia Multi.

And there's the Francis Pattern. Emily knitted up one of these in just thirty minutes using some fun yarn from Berroco called Lacey. More great news? The scarf can be made with a single skein.

Enjoy your holiday knitting!


Sara said...

Thanks for this - I have a couple of scarves to knit for Christmas that I hadn't really picked patterns for yet. This helps!

Anonymous said...

Deb Sokol was actually the one to make the scarves for us - they are so beautiful in person!