Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Harlot is Coming! The Harlot is Coming!

Hey Y'all,
As if in anticipation of the arrival of everyone's favorite Canadian Knit-Blogger, our weather has dipped down into the sixties! Whoa! Brrr... Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is going to freeze her buns off down here. Oh wait, no she's not. She's going to LAUGH her butt off when she sees us all show up at her reading at BookPeople on Sunday, October 23rd, decked out in our heavy, hand knit sweaters.

Wait a second. Scrreeech. Hit the brakes. Back up. Did I just say STEPHANIE PEARL-MCPHEE is COMING TO BOOKPEOPLE?!! I did indeed. But I have one correction to make. I said she's everyone's favorite Canadian Knit-Blogger. I meant to say she's just everybody's favorite Knit-Blogger, period. I'm still quoting her from the last time she came to town, back in May 2009. That was such a great talk. And it was also very funny that BookPeople, not understanding the power of SPM, under-ordered her books. (Don't cry BookPeople, we love you-- just ribbing you a little bit because that's what we knitters do-- we RIB people.) I think close to 300 rabid knitters showed up that night.

This time around, Stephanie is giving a reading in the afternoon, at 3:00 p.m. She's here to peddle her new book: All Wound Up-- The Yarn Harlot Writes for a Spin. You can RSVP the event at Facebook. Also, know that if you want to get a book signed-- even if it's one of her older books-- you HAVE to buy a copy of the new book at BookPeople. If you want to buy that copy in advance, you can, just be sure to bring your receipt with you.

And if BookPeople sells out-- highly likely-- don't forget you can always get Stephanie's books at your favorite knit shop: Hill Country Weavers.

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