Friday, September 23, 2011

Check Out the New Funky Chunky + More Atenti Bags!

Have you ever tried knitting with super uber bulky yarn? Even if you're a tiny-needle project lover, don't turn your nose up at the prospect of size 20 or bigger needles and yarn to match. I once knitted up a sweater in about three hours using the Big Stuff and the process and the product were both most rewarding. Because while good things come to those who wait, and the end result of a months-long lace project can fill you with pride... well, still, the instant gratification of Big, Fast and Finished is not to be underrated.

Toward that end, Suzanne took a single skein of the super bulky Berroco Link and Size 35 (!!) needles created a really groovy scarf. The pattern is simple-- a mere four stitches across, with a repeating YO. The result is gorgeous and you can knock one out over the course of a weekend. And hey, today is the first day of Fall and brr... it's going to be dropping down into the 80's soon, so you better get cracking.

In addition to Berroco Link, there are some other great super bulky yarns in stock including: Pagewood Farms Lanas Grande & Rustic Spin, Bouton d'Or's Mistral, and Riviera from KFI.

Once you've made yourself a lovely super bulky scarf, you'll want a bag to go with it. Great news-- we just restocked our Atenti collection. Atenti bags are made in the USA using groovy materials from around the world. You'll find fun combinations of textiles and embellishments for an overall effect that is eye-pleasing as well as a tactile delight. Here are some pics to give you an idea:

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