Thursday, August 4, 2011

Juniper Moon Yarns: We've Got the New Line In!

I think a lot of us fiber fanatics fantasize about having our own flock. Susan Gibbs decided to follow through on that dream. She left her job as a network news producer in New York and moved to a farm outside of Charlottesville, VA. Juniper Moon Farm practices eco-conscious animal care and they recently released a new line of three yarns. Great news, we've got all three at the shop and not only that, we have all the available colors in all three weights.

Some other fun facts about Juniper Moon-- they started the world's first Yarn CSA. If you're not familiar, CSAs are Community Supported Agriculture programs where local farms are supported by folks who subscribe to receive what they produce. Usually when you hear about CSAs it involves getting boxes of produce delivered. But with Juniper Moon, shareholders buy into annual fleece yields, which they can receive as spun fiber or roving.

Juniper Moon also has a vacation program-- you can stay at the farm for a long weekend or even a full week. A good way to go if you're thinking that you might want to translate your flock fantasy into a reality. If you don't have time to travel, you can visit the farm anyway-- JF has a LambCam you can tune into to watch the sheep.

Here's some more info about the yarn we have at the shop. It's getting great reviews-- why not give it a spin and see for yourself:

Named for author Willa Cather, Willa is a 40/60 blend of Merino & Super Fine Kid Mohair. It's bulky weight and super soft with a nice sheen.

Findley is a lace yarn, 50/50 Merino/Silk. It comes in a ball-- nearly 800 yards per. Knits smooth and doesn't split.


Susan named this yarn after organic farming pioneer Alan Chadwick. Chadwick (the yarn, not the farmer) is a 60/40 Merino/Baby Alpaca blend-- super soft and lofty. It's a single ply with 202 yards per ball.

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