Friday, July 22, 2011

Blocking Just Got Easier AND Check Out the Groovy Hadaki Bag Collection!

I just blocked the pieces for a sweater and I admit I suffered through the process a bit. I don't have a designated blocking area, so I used the bed in my spare bedroom and did my best to get things pinned through to the mattress. After I got it all pinned THEN I found out-- HCW now has the solution to my blocking problems. Just in at the shop: Block & Roll mats by Bagsmith. These mats are specifically designed for blocking. At 38" x 50" they can easily hold a whole sweater's worth of pieces or a small shawl. Not only that but, unlike my bed, this block-specific mat has a grid on it to help you pin things straight and to make sure size stays consistent so that your sleeves, front pieces and backs are the same size, not all wonky. As if all that's not enough, the Block & Roll rolls up to the size of a yoga mat so you can take it with you and store it in a small place. I'll be getting one of these immediately.

Meanwhile, bearing in mind that you can never have enough project bags, you should run-don't-walk into the nice air-conditioned store and check out our super cool new Hadaki Bag Collection. These were a big hit at TNNA Market that Suzanne and Kennedy attended in June.

In stock at HCW: the French Market tote, Hannah's tote, multitasker pouches, toiletry pouches, and three sizes of carry-all pods. We've even got a few iPad covers. The Hadaki bags are coated in vinyl so they're really durable and super easy to clean. Plus they are priced to fly off the shelves -- starting at $16 and topping out at $80.


Sherri Woodard Coffey said...

Does HCW have the Block n Roll mats?

indigo warrior said...

I saw it in action on Thursday,so yes. I totally missed the bags though ... that's probably a good thing. I have a lot of bags.