Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wet Felted Nuno Scarves-- Cool Like Sherbet!

Wet Felted Nuno Scarves
June 25
1:00 - 4:00

Fee: 30.00

Looking forward to fall? Well get a head start in this wet felt scarf class. You will love the outcome of the time you spend having a creative workout through rolling your scarf.
Your scarf can be made with wool fleece attached to a silk lightweight scarf. This is called "nuno" and you can apply whatever lightweight natural open weave fabric you have to wool fleece. You will need some open weave silk fabric. (If you don't have something like an old scarf in your closet already you can find one at a thrift store.) If you can't find any of this type of silk I will bring some extra fabric.
Another type of scarf will be made with just wool and silk fleece, which is embellished in the felting process. This could be a whole collage of wooly things.
The idea of making wool scarves this time of year may not appeal to you, but the magic of the process more than makes up for the wooliness factor.
You may bring your own fleece or purchase what you need at HCW.
Instructor: Mary Macaulay

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