Friday, April 1, 2011

Interview with Shelter Designer and HCW Homegirl Emily!

Hey Y'all,
This week, as part of the ongoing series of interviews with designers who created patterns for the Hill Country Weavers SHELTER book, I asked Emily K (pictured above) some questions. Emily, who works at the shop, has been knitting and crocheting for six years now. She designed the Tunisian crocheted Nappanee Cowl (pictured right). You can pick up the pattern at the shop or order online right here. Here's what Emily has to say:

SG: Why do you love knitting and crocheting?
EK: I love having a hobby that gives me something functional when I'm finished :)

SG: How did you come to be part of this project?
EK: Suzanne asked if I could help, especially if I could crochet something

SG: What inspired your design?
EK: I really wanted to make a cowl, and I had just learned Tunisian crochet. The next logical step: using Tunisian crochet to make a cowl!

SG: What obstacles did you encounter?
EK: I wasn't very happy with seaming the side; now that I've discovered Tunisian crochet in the round I may try re-working the pattern in the future to make it work in the round.

SG: How do you like SHELTER?
EK: It took me a while to find a crochet stitch that worked well in SHELTER. The colors and stitches are great in knit stitches, yet I found it hard to use and show off a nice crochet design.

SG: If you could design any project, and actually have time to knit it, what would it be?
EK: I'd love to make a giant blanket/throw!

SG: How long did it take you to crochet the prototype for your design?
EK: Only a few days, though it did take me about a week to decide on the edging and the name!

SG: What else would you like to tell me?
EK: Nappanee is a town in Indiana in the heart of Amish country. Something about the rustic style of the yarn and the simplicity and functionality of the cowl made me thing of Nappanee and the Amish Acres arts and crafts festival held there every year.

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