Friday, February 4, 2011

We're Opening Late -- Friday 2/4-- Call Before Coming Down!

Hey Y'all
Just got a note from Suzanne. Shop is opening late today so that you can all sit at home in your flannel jammies and hand knitted socks and home felted booties and knit in front of a window looking at the snow before it's gone. The goal is to open at noon but before heading over, please call first: 707-7396 to make sure the dedicated team has made it in. And remember, the First Thursday Sale is extended until tomorrow. Our favorite yarn (and yours, too) are marked down. Suzanne's favorite is Brooklyn Tweed's SHELTER. Pictured above-- I just finished a very basic K2P2 scarf in SHELTER (color: Button Jar). I wanted to give the yarn and test run and I can say with firsthand knowledge it knits up great.

Stay Warm!

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